Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Handcuffed 5 Year Old Girl

I'm sure you've heard about it by now, for those who didn't: a 5 year old who was totally out of control in school was sent to the office where she proceded to rip things off the walls throw things and trying to strike the assistant principle. The mother could not be reached so the police were finally called, upon arrival they handcuffed the girl and placed her in the cruiser. This was all taped by the school.

Now there are some claiming the obligatory racial descrimitaion. Others claiming the proper action was taken, and a number of other stances. The police were in a losing situation no matter what, if they grab her and leave a bruise they get sued, if they do nothing they are scrutinized as well. All that needed was to place the girl in an unused classroom or room without items to destroy and leave her there until a parent could be reached with supervision but no contact. What were the police going to do? arrest a child?

I think there was poor judgement by the school the whole time, and also not the best response by the police, but there is no racial element in my eyes. In fact the parent should be held accountable for the damage done and suspension/removal of the child to a facility that can better handle her needs and counseling for the child and parent as there are apparent issues.

What's your take?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The should have put her in a little five year old girl straightjacket.


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