Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Delayed Beyond E3

Having been a long time member of the gaming media, beginning at the Atari 2600, I generally have a finger on the pulse of the industry and I think things are about to change. This is a bit counter to the common opinion, and even though the DS seems a bit flat, I personally am starting to become bored with the current state of Sony and Microsoft.

Videogames were never about wowing hardware specs. and that is all that is pushing Sony and MS into the "Next Gen" consoles. Nintendo is the only company staying out of this arms race and concentrating on innovation. I don't want to be playing Gran Turismo 8 on the PS3 and GTA 7 I want innovation and fresh new ideas. Katamari Damacy proved the success of innovation on the PS2, and while it does exist on these two platforms, Nintendo has the track record of fresh new ideas in games and interfaces (even though there are the same parallels to be drawn with Zelda, Mario, etc. they all tend to be new and fresh each time out of the gate)

Coming from someone who never purchased anything past the SNES and GBA from Nintendo, my feelings are changing quite rapidly toward the Revolution. I think it is finally going to reach a point where gamers are ready for a change, and I think that time is closer than most think. I want Nintendo to succeed, I want gameplay and attention to detail to reign supreme, and it isn't going to happen with the PS3 or Xbox 360 they are just beefed up editions of what is available now playing the same games and the same franchises with little to no advances aside from graphics.

I'm ready for a revolution after covering Sony for 10+ years.


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