Friday, May 20, 2005

Fed Up With The Times

Today I've officially become enraged at The New York Times, the amount of damage they are causing the U.S. and its soldiers is criminal. Constant dug up (barely verified) stories of U.S. "atrocities"to further their political agenda is becoming their only "news."

Today a story about: Afghan men beaten before deaths in US custody tries to place more blame on U.S. soldiers and show the U.S. in an unfavorable light. Stories of flushed korans, and the "horrible" underwear on the head "torture" are all poor attempts to undermine the war and our country. I can't believe something cannot be done about this, free-speech or not, this is becoming out of control now. If I were in the military I would make my primary target the Times office, and feel very saddened that all of my efforts and fighting is to protect scum like the Times and allow them to keep writing things that lower my chance of survival even more in a time of war.

I will never purchase a New York Times again in my life, and would hope others do the same.


Blogger Don said...

No doubt. I will not be perchasing times EVER. I've been utterly disgusted by them and thier "tactics". It's completely pathetic and self-serving. Thier political ties rule thier organization and put a shameful light on the concept of actual news reporting.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if everything they are saying is true?

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What in the heck to these wars have to do with the USA? These wars:
1. Do the bidding of Israel, that set them up in the late 1980's. How about you buy a copy of "The Other Side of Deception" which was published in 1995 and tells about the Mossad extending all resources to villify Saddam and then use the USA to do the brunt of it.
2. Oil, oil, and oil. These jackasses in the white house put SUV's on sale, are from the oil industry and do NOTHING Absolutely NOTHING to develop other energies. A guy told me that 75% of the troops are guarding / maintaining the oil infrastructure in Iraq.

Nice webblog. Now, get a clue.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Clueless,

Yep -- we ARE in Iraq, taking care of our oil interests -- tell us, do you enjoy a hot shower, TV, internet connectivity, operating a fossil fuel powered device from a lawnmower to a automobile, and including weed-whackers? How about phone service that just plain works? Buying the latest Michael Moore anti-Bush DVD at Best Buy?

ALL of that, and more, depend upon affordable access to oil.

Until you start living like they did 200 years ago, STFU, hypocrite -- you CANNOT have your cake (modern life-style) and eat it, too (protest that the Iraq war is about oil and you don't agree with this fact).

What a WHINER . . .


2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your so naive regarding media use.. NewYork Times and Washington post are used to leak.
Soft torture stories are pre-leaked to damage control the more extreme actual events..

Actual events have included beating prisons to death, rape of both men women .
Incaceration and abuse of children..

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing that the government did admit to flushing the Quran in the the NY Times was accurate.

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Rrad said...

There's plenty of things we can do about stories that tick us off. We can, for example, only read media that agree with our own point of view. Lots of people choose that option. Blogging is a better choice because we can interact with the content, and that does, over a length of time, seem to promote a more cluefull outlook and a bit of tolerance. Or we could just give up on the whole freedom of press idea under "war without end" justification, similar to Orwell's 1984, and have done with it.

7:59 AM  
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