Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quick Review: Guild Wars

OK this is the first quick review, instead of the tired cliche's and long winded attempts at humor in every game review the quick review will be just that.

Guild Wars - PC

Guild Wars is probably the freshest online PC game idea in years. An online RPG that is Diablo-like minus the level grinding and no monthly fee's. The world is not totally persistant but common areas are so the bad guy you need to slay and the world is created for you and your party alone, and the parties of hundreds of others. There is excellent PvP action and the RPG storyline and PvE aspects are engaging and well executed. Levels cap at 20 so time spent is not equal to having the best character or items, skill is the name of the game. The game is great, a lack of documentation about certain aspects of items is troubling, but overall you will be very happy if Diablo or the current state of MMORPG's has you looking for a fresh face in the game.

No monthly fees
Character Development
Level Caps
Variation of enemies and missions
Ease of play
Chess-like skill required
Constant updates and play fixes

Map Travel (quick but still can be painful)
Lack of direction at times
Lack of Item/weapon/armor information
Constant updates and play fixes (nothing like wasting time on getting an item and an update makes it common)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meh... I don't get the allure of GW. The single-player game is tedious, and the PvP is very overrated imho. I played it for a week.

But I prefer shooters, so hey :]

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Dominic said...

Since playing it from Beta, I can no longer see the allure either. It is super weak in all areas. Why this game gets such glowing ass-kissing coverage I will never know. AreaNet has continued to ruin the game week by week and it has lost everything it had going for it now. A true gaming shame.

6:26 AM  

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