Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Next-Gen Consoles Not So Next-Gen

I have been commenting a lot all over the internet about the downfalls of the "next-gen" game consoles. One is the massive development costs, which will cause the Game industry to become a Movie industry clone (consolidation and buyouts until only a handful of developers exist, which is already happening en masse). The other is the long development cycles, which means less games over the life of the system. Also I have been stating a lot of developers are unhappy with the new system specs, and having done development work myself neither look very promising to me either. Well, today Anandtech has posted a hard-hitting article showing the poor performance of these "uber" CPU's.

It turns out all of my thoughts were pretty much spot-on. Plus, Gamespot has a great interview with a number of key developers further proving my thoughts and fears. My only hope now is for a Revolution... quite literally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Link no worky???

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has this article been pulled ?

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Dominic said...

Wow, that article didn't last long. Guess telling the truth in the media is not so valued after all. Having done development work I can assure you that these "Next-gen" consoles will not be much more than media center hype machines. The Nintendo Revolution will be on par in terms of power but have the edge in games and gameplay... as well as accessible development, cheaper development, and faster development time.

6:22 AM  
Blogger D.Vader said...

Did anyone grab a cache of that page or anything? Please email me:

Peep my blog...

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bold statements alright, considering that.. well, neither console manufacturers has sent out their final SDK's. The RSX R&D isn't even complete yet. Beta SDK's were just sent out by MS last week. I assume you don't have an SDK, nor have you actually worked with consoles. Let's get real here, some developer gripes (which sound awfully like PC developers) are about multithreading. Simple. Jon Stokes nailed it; programmers would rather have an easy way out (can't say I blame them):

Your assumption that Nintendo's offering will be "on par" but superior with software is rather puzzling. Nothing is known about the machine other than the use of the same API as the GC. Biased? you bet. You sounded like a Nintendo rep.

The state of the industry is rather concerning, but it's largely due to the current fads. I'd hate to see the Halo and GTA fad continue myself. That's not to say I'm looking forward to another Mario from Nintendo, while touting originality.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Dominic said...

Well, Actually I have done game development, playtesting, coding, and reviewing. The CPu's of these new consoles are not top performers and are also not at all easy to program for. Sure it is always a challenge working on a new console/architecture, what is not needed is it to be prohibitively difficult, expensive, and time consuming... all three which the PS3 and 360 are! There is no bias, just simple facts that the Revolution is to be easy to program for (it still has the basic heart of the GC with the CPU by IBM and GPU by ATI), cheap to program for, and shorter devel cycles. There is a lot known about the Revolution to date, you simply are ignoring it. The PS3 and Xbox 360 claimed to be massivly powerful, Nintendo said it would be two or three times as powerful. Now it turns out the Xbox and PS3 are about two or three times as powerful: Hence Nintendo is on par with the other players. Nuff Said.

9:42 AM  

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