Monday, August 08, 2005

Buying a Game Cube

Having covered PS1 and PS2 titles for the past 8 years has kept me pretty tied to Sony except for my trusty GBA which gets use every now and then. I have come to realize I am starting to crave something new and different, and it would be nice to have a console that my girlfriend and I can play as equals (or as close as can be when she is not a hardcore gamer). I packed up about 7 of my crappier PS2 titles and decided to trade them in on a GC. $6.00 later I was the proud owner of a Black GC, can't beat that.

I picked up an extra controller/memory card/cable extensions/game case package, Mario Party 5, Mario Sunshine, Puyo Pop Fever, and Starfox Adventures. So I spent about $80 total for the system, extras, and games.

Mario Party 5 was the first to get some action and it was a fun time, I was a bit lucky and still trounced her but it was as competitive, even, and fun a non-gamer and a hardcore gamer can have together. (A funny aside: I let her use the "Turbo" function on her controller and I still beat it by a mile when it came to button mash mini-games. Heh, years of practice pay off I guess.) We laughed, had fun, and were able to actually enjoy a game together... which never happens on the PS2. Puyo Pop is next...


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